About the Area

Mount Gambier is a city in the south eastern corner of South Australia. It’s known for its limestone, volcanic landscape and crater lakes. One of these, Blue Lake, turns cobalt blue in summer. Nearby, the Centenary Tower offers panoramic views of the area. The Umpherston Sinkhole contains a lush sunken garden. The Lady Nelson Visitor Centre houses a full-size replica of a late-18th-century ship.

Tourists come to Mount Gambier to see its unique volcanic landscapes, peculiar rock formations and the volcanic craters such as the Blue Lake Crater, the Valley Lake Crater and the Leg of Mutton Lake Crater. Each of these craters and lake boasts a number of scenic spots, trails, recreational areas and also few picnic places. In addition, Mount Gambier also offers a multitude of adventurous outdoor activities such as the cave diving, hiking, walking trails and trekking opportunities exclusively for the guests.

Come and discover one of our most impressive caves at the Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park. This spectacular cave, set into a cliff face, is believed to have been exposed by the constant pounding of the ocean. Over time the sea has retreated leaving behind a cavern of interesting shells, pebbles and seal bones.

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Renowned for its mysterious Blue Lake and gorgeous volcanic landscape, Mount Gambier in South Australia is a popular choice amongst numerous vacationers in the world. Nestled on a picturesque hinterland, Mount Gambier offers plentiful of scenic spots and an array of tourist attractions. Sits atop the list of Mount Gambier attractions is the beautiful Blue Lake.

With its changing water colour in various seasons, this lake is termed as a mysterious lake of the town. In November, the lake water turns to dense blue, whereas in April it turns back to gray colour.